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Sasquatch Brewing Co Northwest NW Portland Taproom




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2531 NW 30th Ave
Portland, OR 97210

Our founder, Tom Sims, once worked just north of here as a weld grinder and ship fitter at Nichols Brothers Boat and Barge. He helped to build a lot of the steel tugs and cruise boats that still run up and down the Willamette. Later he moved to Knappton Tug and Barge where he sent weldments and other equipment over to the Galvanizers to be coated. Thirty years later, he’s brewing beer across the street from the Galvanizers in the same neighborhood where he found his love of working with his hands and building things to last.

Tom applied everything he learned in those year of shipbuilding to the NW Brewery & Taproom. Under the arching bow truss of an old warehouse behind Montgomery Park, we’re brewing beer in one of the last true industrial areas in Portland. We welded the tables, the bar, the beer board and the sign.

We installed all the equipment and ran all the piping. We dug the trench drains and ran the glycol lines. We sanded, painted, stained and varnished every inch of this building. When we say we’re hand-crafted, we’re not just talking about the beer.

Portland is changing fast. It’s nice to know that there’s still a place in town where people make things by hand and wear hardhats; it’s not all social media influencers and lifestyle bloggers. We’re digging our heels in over here by doing things the way we’ve always done them. We show up early and we work hard. We use real, honest ingredients in our beer, in our cider and in our food. And we think there will always be a place for that in this city.

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Sasquatch Brewing Ferment Wagon
Sasquatch Brewing Co Beers on Tap
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Sasquatch Brewing New West Cider NW Portland
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