light german ale
Fermented on traditional kolsch yeast and then conditioned at a cold, lagering temperature. Lightly hopped with tettnangers. Crisp, clean and super drinkable.

4.6 % abv
19 IBU

Cease and Desist

India Session Ale
Brewed by the owner himself, this hop-forward session beer is a celebration of two hops: amarillo & mosaic. A big hop nose up front and light enough to drink two, or three, or four.

4.6% abv
45 IBU


Rhubarb Belgian Blonde
Made with over 50 LBS of fresh, organic rhubarb. Spicy clove notes from the Belgian yeast and crisp rhubarb tartness are softened by malty, bready flavors alongside fruity esters.

5.7% ABV
24 IBU


pale ale
Easy drinking, sessionable pale ale with a subtle hoppiness balanced by a smooth caramel malt character.

4.5% abv
36 ibu

Grapefruit IPA

India pale ale
Freshly squeezed pink grapefruit added to the brite tank for a refreshing, juicy citrus kick.

5.7% abv
66 ibu


india pale ale
Classic Northwest IPA. Crisp, medium bodied and loaded with Oregon-grown hops.

6.8% abv
74 ibu

Chinook Me all night long

single hop India Pale ale
Single hopped with nothing but Chinooks, we put the character of an underutilized hop right up front. A pungent grapefruit aroma and strong piney hop finish is balanced by a malty caramel sweetness.
6.3% abv
89 IBU

Honey nut beerios

golden ale with milk & honey
Light bodied ale with whole honey-nut cheerios added to the grain bill. Made with real clover honey and finished with lactose and hazelnuts.

6.4% abv
16 ibu

Trapped in amber

Malty, subtly sweet, and medium-bodied with a floral hop finish. The perfect spring drinker.

5.4% abv
30 IBU

Cold shot

coffee porter
A rich, robust porter with organic, cold-brewed coffee from Rose City Coffee Co. added to the fermenter during the cold crash. Flavors of dark chocolate, roasted malt and caramel blend with the nuttiness and slight acidity of South American coffee beans.

7.6% abv
30 ibu

Hairy Knuckle

Stout (nitro)
Dark and dry with hints of coffee and bitter chocolate. Smooth and balanced with roasty finish.

6.9% abv
44 ibu


Zingy, crisp, semi-dry cider made with Oregon apples and over 50 pounds of fresh organic ginger. 6.8 %


Crisp, semi-dry cider hopped with only Amarillos, with notes of pine and floral aromatics. 6.8 %

Black & Blue

Tart and refreshing with the blush of Pacific Northwest blackberries & blueberries. 6.8 %


Our driest cider is made tart and subtly sweet with the addition of pomegranate juice. Crisp, bright and fruity on the finish. 6.8 %